Body Pain

Aches and pains can be caused by daily activities or work habits as well as traumas such as falls and accidents. Chiropractic helps to alleviate pain by treating the root cause of your problem.


Staying aligned is the best way to prevent discomfort before it begins. Regularly scheduled adjustments can promote health and keep you feeling your best.


Migraines are associated with stress and imbalances of the nervous system and muscles of the neck, jaw and head. Gentle chiropractic care of these structures helps to reduce intensity and frequency of migraine symptoms.

Colic / fussiness

Colic is a term for extreme fussiness in infants and is most often associated with reflux. Often there are other factors leading to fussiness that can be easily addressed through gentle chiropractic care. 95% of infants have spinal misalignments after birth due to physical stresses they endure.

New Patient


Exam + Adjustment: 45-60 mins (Includes Travel)

Regular Adjustment


Duration of treatment: 15-30 minutes



Use of specialized tools to manipulate the skin, myofascia, muscles, and tendons by various direct compressive stroke techniques

Pregnancy & Pediatrics Consult

Scheduled consultation with our ICPA and Webster certified chiropractor

Best Adjustment



Group rate treatment price per adjustment | BEST FOR BUSINESSES AND LARGE GROUPS

Individual Package


4 prepaid adjustments



Cupping is used to decrease pain, increase blood flow, decrease inflammation, promote lymphatic drainage and overall healing

Fitness Plan


Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced fitness plans with correlating nutrition and video help

Dr. Prince is very helpful and really there for you with great advice. His staff are also very friendly and helpful. You're in good hands in with this practice.

Carol D.

I appreciate the patience and attention I received while being treated. Everyone was friendly and made me feel welcomed.


This was the best experience I've ever had wit hat practice. All of the doctors are super friendly, helpful and made my mother and I feel comfortable from beginning to end. We will miss you all so much.